Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society


Our logo borrows elements from the Ordnance Corps Crest and the US Army TACOM crest to create a heraldry that represents Michigan’s role as “Democracy’s Arsenal”

The crossed cannons are representative of the firepower that was produced by Michigan's industries.

We retained the flame from the flaming bomb, representing the armament of days gone by, while the energy it connotes is applicable to the weapons of our own day.

In the center, the outline of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula contains the “track and tire” marks of the TACOM crest, representing the states production of both wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as the relationship with the Army research and development activity at the Detroit Arsenal

The cannoneer's belt, which encircles the state outline, track and tire marks and crossed cannons, is embossed with the organization name and represents the organizations efforts to chronicle the traditional association between all the elements of the crest

Heraldry: The meaning behind our logo